Yes, we will have worship this week!

Message from Pastor Oerter below:

Worship/Music and Trustees have decided, and I concur, that we will hold worship tomorrow. We’re sure the lot will be plowed, and Larry will show up early to shovel paths to the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, and the Portico will be clear enough. Bells will not play this Sunday, but will bring you their gift of music at a later date.

So I’ll be there and a few others. If you can negotiate the roads and our sloping parking lot … just use your good judgement.

If I don’t get to see you, I’ll be praying for each of you as the Holy Spirit brings you to mind, and regularly in a general way for the continuing of our good work together; and, of course, for a thorough and focused search process [read: expeditious, but not rushed] for your next, long-term, pastor.

I’ve grown to love you deeply, and value your unusually fine church!

This is the core of what I would say to you tomorrow … as I said, if I don’t get to say “Good bye” with you, face to face.

love and prayers, John