Joining First Presbyterian Church of Rolla

If you would like to discuss joining our congregation, please contact Pastor Lou Ellen Hartley or Bob May.  You may join our active membership through:
  • Letter of Transfer.  This is appropriate if you are a member in good standing with another church.
  • Profession of faith.  We invite those baptized individuals who are not yet active members of any church to publically profess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith. This is appropriate if you were baptized in a Christian church, whether as an adult or an infant, publically professed your faith in Jesus Christ, but are no longer an active member of a church.
  • Baptism.  This holy sacrament is available to those who have never been baptized nor ever been a member of a church.  Children and infants are included in the covenant of God’s spiritual family through the sacrment of baptism on the basis of God’s grace and a Christian parent or guardian’s active faith in Jesus Christ.

All prospective new members meet with the Session (Board), who will welcome you to our Christian family.